Speaking With Your Medical Team

Good communication with your healthcare team is an essential part of your journey. You should feel empowered to ask questions and have meaningful conversations during your appointment.

Not a real patient or doctor.

Appointment tips


If you don’t have cancer but are interested in getting BRCA tested:

  • Bring along your family history, including which family members have had cancer, what kind of cancer they had, and when their cancer was diagnosed
  • Have a conversation around the considerations of knowing your BRCA status
  • Download the BRCA Guide for information about BRCA and questions to ask

If you do have cancer and you’re interested in getting BRCA tested:

Whether or not you have cancer, you should always bring any questions you have to every appointment.

Talking with your doctor

Asking questions can be an overwhelming part of your journey. It’s easy to forget what to ask, and sometimes the answers can be confusing. Our downloadable BRCA Guide provides key information about BRCA and BRCA testing. Print it out and take it to your next appointment so you can talk with your doctor about how BRCA impacts you.