Talking With Your Doctor

It’s important to ask questions about how BRCA mutation testing can inform your treatment plan, but it can be difficult to remember everything that comes to mind. The following questions in the sections below may help you get the most out of your conversations.

  • What are BRCA mutations?
  • Who should get BRCA mutation tested?
  • How are men impacted by BRCA mutations?
  • What’s the process of getting BRCA mutation tested?
  • Will my insurance cover BRCA mutation testing?

  • Am I eligible for BRCA mutation testing?
  • When should I be tested for BRCA mutations?
  • How can my BRCA results influence my treatment plan?
  • Could my family members have a BRCA mutation?
  • How do I talk to my family about getting genetic testing for BRCA mutations?

  • What happens if I do have a BRCA mutation?
  • What are the pros and cons of knowing my BRCA mutation status?
  • Should my family members get tested if I have a BRCA mutation?
Talking to Healthcare Professional
Talking to Healthcare Professional

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