Why You Should Get BRCA Tested

If you have cancer or have a family history of cancer, there are several reasons for you to consider BRCA testing.

Three reasons to get tested

The decision to get BRCA tested can have a huge impact. You’ll find that there are plenty of reasons to know your BRCA status, but here are the top 3 you should consider:

You’re empowered with options

Deciding to get genetic testing can let you know all of your treatment options. If you have cancer, you’ll know whether or not you qualify for certain treatments. If you don’t have cancer, knowing your status can prompt you to proactively address your cancer risk. This can include yearly cancer screenings or other ways to reduce your risk.

Testing is important

Getting a genetic test is an important first step in the process. Either your doctor or genetic counselor will collect a DNA sample. Then, they’ll send it to a lab to be tested. In a few weeks, you’ll know your BRCA status. In many instances, insurance will cover a BRCA test if your family history indicates that you’re at risk of having a BRCA mutation.

Knowledge is power

If you have cancer, genetic testing can help provide information about your family’s risk of developing cancer. If you don’t have cancer, genetic testing can help inform you of your own cancer risk. With this knowledge, you can decide to take action.